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Who is Dave Bynum?

Co-Founder and Master Trainer at LuxHomePro

19 Years Old, bought first property with no money down, flipped same
day and made over $23,000.

Successful Real Estate Investor for over 30+ years averaging $40
 million annual sales

Fund Manager (50 hotels under management in less than 6 months)

Acquired $80,000,000 residential 
real estate in less than 12 months
 for LTC industry

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I got into short term rentals a couple of months ago and tried to do it the conventional way. Like what you see on Youtube. I was really struggling with it. I met Dave. Came over and got to know him a little bit. He looked at the resources I had to work with and we went from there. Now my business is going at light speed! He’s thorough. He’s easy to understand. He’s patient. Where ever you are, where ever you’re starting out, he can get you to where you want to go.

John Bender

I feel like the AirBnb thing has been out for so long but what he’s doing is almost brand new. I get to be involved in an early market. I get to learn from a master whose been doing this and I get to do this from the ground floor. Dave, super excited. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for taking me under your wing. Anybody whose interested in this, definitely come join Dave at LuxHomePro.

John Humphrey

We are having amazing results with Dave and his system. Before having met Dave, we were only about 4% occupied. After meeting Dave, within a dramatically short amount of time, we are now at 96% occupancy and on track to gross over a hundred thousand dollars this year. It’s very exciting and we are so fortunate to have met Dave and implemented his system.

Shelly Clayton

100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting Today!

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